Presenting Northern Lake Adventures: The Encounter
by Mary Mikawoz
Northern Lake Adventures -
The Encounter
The fairies were about to celebrate their Summer Solstice when they heard "Boom, boom, crash, skreech." What was going on?

This fiction fantasy book is for middle-years school youths and those who have big imaginations. Whether you are a pre-teen, a teenager or an adult, you will find this story of two perspectives very interesting. The story is told from two points of view, one, a fairy grandmother, Jasmine, who belongs to the elder fairy council and, from the only boy in a set of triplets, Terry. You go back and forth as you hear Jasmine’s and Terry’s side of the story. Read the story and see how the same events are seen to be very different depending upon how you look at things. Near the end, the Narrator’s Voice comes across. So, come and enjoy the story of the “Northern Lake Adventures: The Encounter” and see what happens.